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June 15, 2011 , In: The Garden , With: No Comments

It’s been a busy time on the urban farm (also known as our backyard). The chickens are escape artists but I think we finally have their area secured – they have full run of Glen Lavender with plenty of places to hide and make dust bowls. We’re bringing to snails to them (instead of letting them range the whole property) to reduce the damage big chicken feet can make to the drip irrigation system in the rest of the yard.

Nate asked for cooking and baking lessons to day. That will be our summer theme. Snack time consisted of blueberries, rhubarb muffins, and fresh squeezed lemonade. Nate announced that everything came from our garden! Goal met!

The Cinderella Heritage pumpkins are in the front yard and I’m scouting out a place for some scarlet runner beans to climb up a trellis.

Life is good :).

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